Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Aquarius and Hyatt??

"Aquarius to team up with renown (sic) HYATT hotel chain"

Saw this on the header of the Remax short listing for Aquarius, here is a screen grab (click to enlarge):

The actual listing does not say anything about it, nor does the Aquarius website. When I look on google this is the only reference. I wonder if thats true? Units aren't selling huh? Condo glut perhaps?


  1. I'm so confused. I thought Aquarius was part of the Marriott thingy.

  2. hey gibber - no the marriot is part of the Constellation resort which is supposed to go in behind Aquarius. So far they have not broken ground, and I am hoping they will not. Ever. heh

  3. The JW Marriott St. Maarten will not be happening. The developers from Philadelphia have given up.


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