Friday, May 07, 2010

Valley Girl

Speaking of Nicholas Cage...

What is with the chest hair grooming chosen for him in Valley Girl?

P1260339I first saw this movie when I was pretty young, and I didn't realize the shape was deliberate, I just thought he was weird looking.

Watching the movie again for the first time in many years, I have to laugh at the fashion, and the memories...

P1260341There were kids at my school who wore their shirts like this.

P1260344We never saw the jumpsuits thing though, did anyone actually wear those?

P1260348That bag is going to trip her - I never had anything so dainty, but was instead obsessed with getting an army looking thing that, when full, knocked my leg sideways when I walked and left an ever present bruise.

P1260349Oh boy - my best friend had a set similar to this, and I think she wore leg warmers with it too. Did I mock her? No, I was jealous, and tried to make her jealous with my Flashdance style sweatshirt.

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